Rally Monte Carlo Historique 2017

In 2017 Frøya was entered in Rallye Monte Carlo Historique with Bjørn as driver and Knut Fjerdingstad as navigator. The start was from Reims in the evening January 27. We had a steep learning curve, as this was our first Monte Carlo Rally, but it was great fun. Frøya performed very well, with no mechanical issues, but we had a few navigational and driver “mishaps” that saw us on the lower third of the score board, but after the prize giving Gala in the Monte Carlo Sports Club, we decided that we wanted to do more of this. We also realized that driving a Morgan perhaps isn’t going to get us the silverware, so Bjørn bought a Golf GTI to use in this rally. We have promised ourselves, that if we can climb above  30. place over all in the Golf, we will give Frøya another go.