The Himalayan Challenge 2018

After having done the Peking to Paris Endurance Rally 2016 we were looking for another suitable challenge for Frøya. The ERA (endurance Rally Association) announced that they intended to run a rally in the Himalayas, and after some consideration we decided that we wanted to try this.

Like all Morgans Frøya hasn’t got too much ground clearance. All things considered, she was coping very well in the Mongolian Desert, and we learnt a lot from that experience. We have done quite some work to the front and rear suspension, as well as preparing her to carry two complete spare wheels. This ad some extra weight, but we don’t expect to find garage facilities and tire shops high up in the mountains. We are also carrying more spares to be able to better cope in case of engine problems.

Since the P2P and Rally Monte Carlo Historique we have taken her all to pieces, checking every nut and bolt, and putting her together again. The engine is barely run in after we fixed it (see the P2P blog) and we have done some changes to the top as well.

So now were are ready! We will start blogging some time between September 16. and 20. You will be notified on our Facebook page when things start to happen.

Frøya has a tracker. You can follow her movements by clicking the route map.

If you want more info, rally reports, pictures and score boards from the organizer, go HERE.


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